Gemtex Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated in 1997. The founders of Gemtex has vast experience in the Halon business. They have more than 20 years experience in the fire industry. In the early 80's, their involvement in the Halon business includes, design, manufacture the hardware & supply.

Gemtex was incorporated for the sole purpose to handle Dupont's FE-13 (HFC 23), which is one of the Halon Alternatives listed in NFPA 2001, ISO 14520 and SNAP.

In 1997, Gemtex's experienced technical team developed the FE-13 Pre-Engineered Fire Suppression system, which minimize users downtime in the event of replacing their existing Halon/Co2 systems.

With the full support from our principal, Dupont Fluoroproduct from United States,Gemtex conducted various test to meet the local fire authority requirements and approval.

Gemtex undertake to design, supply, install, test and maintain FE-13 Pre-engineered Fire Suppression System.

Gemtex, being an ISO certified organization, is committed to provide quality products and services, both to the local clients and international clients.