About Us

Advocating the importance of improved fire protection systems for better fire protection & prevention

Gemtex sdn bhd was founded in 1997 as a company that does trading and supplying for fire suppression systems and equipment. In the year 2000, GEMTEX had shifted its priorities to manufacturing and in research and development with the goal of becoming one of South East Asia’s premium fire-fighting companies. 

What we do?

It all begins with an idea – an idea to protect lives and properties with the best solutions for fire protection. GEMTEX was the first in South Asia, Southeast Asia and Australasia to develop its own UL listed FE-13 (HFC-23) pre-engineered fire suppression system in 2012 and UL listed and FM approved Inert Gas Fire Suppression System GEM100TM  in 2023. Since then, GEMTEX has moved on to developing GEM 200 (HFC-227ea) and GEM 1230 (FK 5-1-12) with international and local approvals to cater to the markets’ needs.

GEMTEX has a team of specialized technicians and engineers in helping customers with consultation, design, and also giving the best options that best suits the hazard that is to be protected. All 


To become a leading manufacturer of clean agent fire suppression systems in South East Asia that provides environmentally friendly, engineered, or pre-engineered solutions. 


GEMTEX is adamant in providing the best solutions to improve the safety of lives and properties, whilst also providing the best customers’ service

Quality Assurance

GEMTEX is committed to continuously improve our products and services to ensure customers’ satisfaction. We want our customers to have the best possible experience with us

Research and Development

Research and development plays a crucial role in the long-term success of the company. GEMTEX is continuously innovating and adapting to the market’s needs.