GEM KitchenPro Fire Suppression System

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Product Code: Wet Chemical Fire Suppression System

The Gem KitchenPro Fire Suppression System uses Potassium Carbonate (K2CO2) as its suppression agent. It is manufactured as per NFPA 17A standard. Extremely effective on ­fires in commercial kitchen cooking appliances such as deep-fat-fryers, griddles, range tops, and several types of broilers and char-broilers as well as in a variety ventilating equipment-hoods and ductwork.


The agent should be sprayed in a ­fine droplet (atomized) onto the oil or grease cooking appliance ­re, extinguishing the flame and cools the surface. When the agent reacts with the hot cooking oil or

grease, a layer of foam is formed on the surface. This soap-like blanket of foam acts as an insulator between the hot grease and the atmosphere, helping to stop flammable vapors from escaping,

thus, reducing the chance for flame re-ignition. 

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